adel bishtawsi




God created heavens and earth,
But His work was not done,
Nor did He rest on the sixth day,
Until he created woman.


On the 7th day,
God called his daughter,
“My work was finished,
When your work began,
And from the womb I gave you,
You will create your man,
And the moment you are two,
Forever and ever,
You’ll belong to him,
And forever and eve
He’ll belong to you.”


Dearest father, said the daughter,
What you asked is done,
But both of us are weak,
And we’ll be alone,
And I’m afraid,
To wake up one day,
And find he is gone,
The only one,
I want to need,
The only one I want to love,
Is you,
Whose help shall I seek,
If that becomes true,
And you are away,
What then will I do?

Image credit: Sonia D., private share

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