BISHTAWI.COM is being retired after more than 20 years of service during which it was the main website of author Adel S. Bishtawi. It was mainly the platform for the literary words of Adel but nine years ago the origins of the Arabic Numerals were “accidently” discovered.

A new research to identify the origins of the small numbers 1-3 unveiled unexpected Stone Age roots. Further research into Stone Age speech revealed a fact even more unexpected – about 450 Stone Age biliteral (two-letter acnient words) roots are not only the origin of Ancient Arabic, Akkadian, Grahamite and other ancient languages but also the origin of most important languages in use today and relaltively recent past including Greek, Latin, French, English, Italian, Hindi, Urdu, German and dozens more languages.

The decade-long plan of writing three more novels was shelved. Aside from a small number of short stories. attempts at longer content became impractical if the more pressing attention is to diverted to ancient speech. The few hundred ancient roots are our only means to reconstruct the true history of Homo Sapiens and discared narratives, sacared or otherwise.

From the young literary flames only poetry survived. It remains expressive and powerful, some say, but I don’t know how long will it survive the impact of too much Stone Age analysis. has been plagued with inadequate hosting services allowing the site to grow to a very large size inhibiting reasonable migration.  Twice in its long history it was liked so much by the individuals entrusted with maintaining it they viewed it as their own and the author was barred from reaching the cPanel for essentials settings.

A selected number of posts from will be published at, a number of Google Plus and Facebook page. For a while, the retired website will serve archival purposes for those interested in the origin of the Creativity Initiative sponsored by Adel and his literary works.

My deep gratitude for all those who frequented and for those who maintained their interest in my works.

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