Moriscos Events & Studies

The 10th International Symposium on: The Moriscos and the Mediterranean in the 16th and 17th Centuries
Fondation Temimi – The Temimi Foundation (Tunis, Zaghouan – 9-12 Mai 2001)

Abduljelil Temimi, Senen Horensa Ambassadeur d’Espagne, Luce Lopez Baralt

A. S. Bishtawi , Taoufik Hajaiej, Louis Imperiale, Luce Lopez Baralt, Joseph V Ricapito,ย Maria Elvira Sagarzazu, (not recognised, sorry), Maria Luisa Fernandez.

Louis Imperiale, Joseph V Ricapito, A. S Bishtawi, Luce Lopez Baralt

Raja Yacine Bahri, A. S Bishtawi, Maria Tereza Narviez Cordova, Ginette Alomar Camach

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