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The Palace at Sevilla. Photo by Danny Bishtawi


And so it is said…

“As to their vanishing from the face of Earth, they have shared the fate of many nations, cultures and languages. It seems useless to speculate if they deserved a destiny different from that of Zoroastrians, Sumerian, Parthian, Mayan, Charrias or Abipones, all of which had their own aims and reasons to survive but lacked at some time or other the proper answer to do it. Life is change. So change is needed to adjust to new life conditions, which are, in an ultimate analysis, a way to guarantee survival.”

This is the conclusion of Maria Elvira Sagarzazu, a good friend I met for the first time during the 10th International Symposium on The Moriscos and the Mediterranean in the 16th and 17th Centuries which was organised by our good mutual friend and Morisco mentor Professor Abduljelil Temimi in  Zaghouan (Tunis) in 2001 (link is here).

See Maria’s full conclusions here

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