The Arab Spring

The Arab Spring – We saw it coming and we see it sweeping the entire Arab World

 Adel Bishtawi

Years years ago I was asked: “What are the chances of the Arab Nation wrestling control of its destiny from the three main powers locking horns in the region to usurp the wealth and future of the Arab World: The Arab dictatorial regimes, Bush’s America and the militants?”

“Never been greater in the past 100 years,” I said in answer to journalists during the launch of History of Injustice in the Arab World at the Sharjah International Book fair in December 2005. “Through his totally unexpected moral, political and military failure in Iraq, US President George W. Bush did not just fail to uphold the high moral standards of the founding fathers of the United States of America but also failed all Arab dictatorial rulers who betted on a quick victory and provided him with all the support they could muster despite the opposition of the populace to the invasion and occupation of Iraq.”

“Instead of forcing Iraqis to give him a free hand in molding Iraq as the hearts of the Likud and the Neo-Cons desired, his endless misjudgments and considerable losses suffered in that Arab country since its US occupation freed Iraqis of their fear of the might of the US,” I said, “Soon afterwards other Arabs were liberated by the Iraqis of their fear of the US and subsequently of their fear of Arab dictators who have been tormenting them for the last 60 years with considerable help and support from the West, particularly the US.”

Front cover of History of Injustice in the Arab World

“These dictators are the Berlin Wall of the Arab World,” I said. “And like the Berlin wall, they will come crashing down because the pillars of US foreign policy that provided them with support since the mid-1950s came crashing down in Iraq. President Bush may recover his sagging popularity at home; he may have to pay the price for causing the death of 100,000 innocent Iraqis but then again he may not. The greatest price of his failure will be paid by the Arab dictators who opened their borders to the invading armies of the US and Great Britain to wreak havoc in another Arab and Muslim country. That price is likely to be their extinction within the next 5 years”.

You can read all this here, exactly as it was written five years ago. There would have been no need to remind people of that interview but I have noticed astonishing confusion by the so called Middle East experts who have failed in numerous TV interviews to explain why the Arab World is finally erupting in a popular peaceful revolution that will pave the way for the rise of a new super power that will change the world. The fire raged in Tunisia and then Egypt but the spark of monumental courage came from Iraq. Let no one say the conditions of one Arab country are different from another. In oppression, corruption, nepotism and the confiscation of all human rights they are one and the same. It may take a bit longer for some, but all Arab dictators will join dinosaurs in universal extinction.
Front cover of History of Injustice in the Arab World
Here are a few paragraphs from History of Injustice in the Arab World beginning with my call to the Arab masses:
Expel your fear and liberate your streets from the occupation of Arab regimes. Fear them not for they are not the mighty ancient Pharaohs that are resistant to collapse. These regimes are not in the millions or even in the few thousands. Dictatorships cannot tolerate competition and they do not have the ability to trust people outside their dominance. The important operators who serve these regimes in each of the countries they dominate are no more than a few dozens and they are unable to fool people into believing that they are legions. They are not. Millions of Arabs are employed in the ministries, armies, departments and institutions controlled by Arab regimes. It is unfair to accuse those millions of being the tools of regimes simply because they receive from them their salaries at the end of the month. Arab regimes have left the population no other choice but to work in their service, and the money due to government employees is the peoples’ money not the regimes. The loyalty of officers, soldiers and intelligence agents is ultimately to their nations, their families and their job. They will be willing to take orders from any party that can provide them with stability and dignity.
Revolutions that begin with blood will end in blood. Governments that mark their beginning with a coup d’état will meet its end by another coup d’état. Therefore the weapon of change in this age is the weapon of peaceful demonstrations, civil disobedience, the refusal to cooperate with the regimes and to seek support from friends of liberty, justice and law in the world. Those accused of crimes against humanity and against their own people should have the chance to defend themselves in a court of law.
If you want the wall of injustice to brought down – it will. If united, no nation in history that sought the elimination of the walls of injustice failed to remove those walls. The time to remove the wall of injustice of the Arab nations has finally arrived. If you want to give the regimes another chance to reform you shall have nothing from them but feathers and makeup. Know that cancer cells think only of their own survival. If they lapse for a moment think not that they have died because they will wake up suddenly and continue to infect the bodies they colonize (pp. 20-21).
There is no need to spill blood because the era of bloody revolutions is over and oppressive regimes are today suffocated by the correct democracy as expressed by nations that had had enough of dictatorship and oppression.
Many Arab regimes wish for terrorism against the West to continue. Many wish the occupation of Iraq to continue and they also wish that the confrontation with the West will continue. They do so because they want their injustice to continue. Therefore Arabs should not permit their emotions to be against the West in general otherwise they shall be like people who keep rattle snakes in their homes to protect them from frightened scorpions (p. 19).
Put on your headdresses, your scarves and your blue, green or white shawls or those of any other colour and regain your streets. Once there shout at your dictators in one voice until the boulders of truth rumble down from the mountain of freedom. Scream at them: “You are the Berlin wall of the Arab World. You are the wall that stands between us and our freedom, dignity, rights and our future and that of our children. The Berlin wall came down and yours will come down as well. Have no doubt, it will and that will be achieved soon, God Willing, because Arabs have broken the wall of fear brought by Bush to the lands of the Arabs and those who invaded the home of the Arabs with him. We have also broken the wall of fear that you have erected in the name of Arab nationalism, unity and the liberation of Palestine. You have liberated nothing but division, injustice, terrorism and fear.”
If you want all this to be achieved then say it with your minds not with your hearts. Say it and let every Arab do what he or she can do: Those with no power to lift a pickaxe to chip at the wall of oppression let them dig little holes. Those who cannot dig a hole let them put a nail in this wall. Those who cannot put a nail let them scratch the wall and those who cannot scratch it let them stand before the wall, demonstrate peacefully against it and shout at it to fall. Those who cannot shout at it let them curse it in their hearts, and those who cannot do even this for the fear that resides in their hearts let them wish for the wall to collapse.
If you want all this to happen – it will happen. What remains is for of each of you to fill your lungs with the air of freedom and courage until both injustice and tyranny are expelled and remain no more in the hearts of all citizens. Once that is accomplished the fear from Arab regimes will be expelled as well. Then blow as one man at what remained of your oppressive regimes on the chairs of power and wonder not how they will turn into dust and be carried away by the air of the new Arab dawn and then disappear under the powerful white light of freedom as do all other illusions (p. 326).

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