STATUTES of The Syrian Writers Association (SWA)

STATUTES of The Syrian Writers Association (SWA)

Article 1: Formation and Name of the Association

Has been founded between adherents of the present statues and those who will subsequently adhere a Association governed by the law of

 a Association whose name is “the Syrian Writers Association”

Article 2: Aims and Activities of the Association

2-1- The Association’s aims are:

To work for democracy, freedom and human rights for Syrian writers inside and outside Syria.

2-2- The Association pursues its aims through the following means:

  • Broadcasting, publishing and diffusion of all types of media forms: “TV (digital and satellite, radio (digital, satellite, short, FM and AM waves), website and written publications: newspaper, magazine, books, brochures of all types and forms”
  • Supporting peaceful activities, both at a national and international level, all concurring to the aims mentioned in the statutes.
  • The development of relations with national and international societies and Associations for the defence of writers rights.
  • Supporting concrete projects with similar aims in other parts of the world.
  • Assisting in forming a democratic culture in a future Syria through writing, education and showing best practice

Article 3 – Duration of the Association

The duration of the Association is unlimited.

Article 4 – Location:

The location of (The Syrian Writers Association) has been established in London. It can be transferred by simple decision of its Executive Bureau at a location guaranteeing the Association’s independence. Branches of the Association can be established in Europe or outside Europe when needed. When possible the location will be moved to Syria.

Article 5 – Employees a) Can be an employee of the Association: a person who has been contracted by the Association and accepts its employment terms and conditions and ethical code. b) Conditions of employment: the employment of employees will be validated by the Administration Bureau who can accept them in a provisional form.

Article 6 – The Bureau: a) The Association will have people with responsibilities described below, who will be elected by the General Conference: b) a President, c) a General Secretary d) a Treasurer.. e) The General Committee will have the power to elect an individual as President as a recognition of his eminent contribution to the Syrian culture.

Article 7 – The organs of the Association are: the Executive Bureau, the General Committee and the culture, membership, media, legal, foreign relations and home relations’ committees.

Article 8 – The General Committee: a) The General Committee is the sovereign organ of the Association and its competence extends to all decisions taken in the name of the Association, including modifications of its statutes. b) The General Committee will meet once a year. c). The General Committee will present a financial report and a legal brief. d) Only members of the General Committee and representatives of the Executive Bureau will attend the assembly and make use of their deliberative vote e) the General Committee will elect the Executive Bureau on the merits of their achievements.

Article 9 – The Executive Bureau: a) between each meeting of the General Committee, all powers to the exception of the modification of statutes will be handed over to the Bureau. b) The General Committee will include 31 members who have been elected in a general conference of the members of the Association. c) The Bureau will meet in weekly sessions. d) All decisions of the Executive Bureau will be taken if voted by the majority of those present and voting e) the Executive Bureau general meeting would consist of: the President, the Vice Presidents, the assigned committees heads and the rest of the members of the Bureau.

Article 10 – Finances:

  1. a) The Association’s funds will come from: donors, subsidies, commercials, donations and contributions, the sale of media materials, publications and savings. b) All funds of the Association will be deposited in a bank account in the Association’s name. c) The bank account of the Association will be managed by the Treasurer.

Article 11

Modifications: Statutes can be modified by the General Committee through a majority of two thirds of those present and voting.

Article 12 – Dissolution: The Association can be subjected to dissolution or fusion with another Association, organisation or Association with similar aims. This measure must be the result of a resolution of the General Committee or of the Executive Bureau approved by a majority of two thirds of those voting and present. In case of dissolution, a decision will inform on what happens to savings and belongings of the Association.

The Executive Bureau of the Syrian Writers Association (SWA)

Elected Members of the Executive Bureau of the Syrian Writers Asscciation (SWA) are as as follows:

Hussam Udin Mohammad,

Khateeb Badle,

Faraj Bayraqdar,

Adel S. Bishtawi,

Helim Yusiv,

Abdul Rahman Hallak,

Ibrahim El-Yousef