Adel Bishtawi

… And Princess Nailamar said, “Men are like the grains of sand we have now as our rug. From afar they all look alike until you come closer and inspect them in the sun, and only then you will see men and you will see men with hearts.”

And Princess Nailamar said, “If Allah dislikes a man he gives him wealth so all men with poor hearts may hate him. And if Allah loves a man he gives him the gift of poetry so all men with rich hearts may love him. That is their reward for him in life and thereafter, but God rewards him even more. His spirit will be permitted to wander in His gardens as he pleases, and when he’s ready with his next poem He will get all his angels and listen in silence again and marvel at the mighty power he has created out of simple words for God too is good at creating marvels out of simple things.”

And the boy said, “But if the Almighty Allah wants a man to be loved and hated at the same time, what would He do?”

And Princess Nailamar said, “He gives him a woman. He gives him a woman and he tells him: Know! You will be the pillar of the house but your woman will be the foundations. And He tells him: Know that quakes always rumble from beneath. And know that her hatred can be great so do not make her beg for money or for tenderness for I made these and others the secret way to her heart, and to the best of the means I have given you, make both flow like a spring not squeezed out of you like a lemon for then I will make you squeeze out sustenance from me and comfort from your woman and you will be always hungry for both and bitter.”

The boy asked, “And what does He say to the woman?”

“To the woman,” Princess Nailamar said, “he has a more important message. And he says to her: Know! People expect of me to be with them and look after them every minute of the day and night and bring them food and comfort, and I do. They always look up to find me but little they know I am everywhere but most of all in them and amongst them. And through agents of mine on Earth they call women I provide all this and more. And He tells her: Know! I have given you all my love and all my anger, and I entrusted you with men and children not because you are the strongest but because they are the weakest. For that I love them no less and, like a father, my attention will always be given to the weak until they are stronger, and to the sick until they recover so restrain your anger and make your love unrestrained. And if your bosom should heave with your hatred for him, and it will, remember that quakes do bring down the walls and rooftops of homes but they all come crashing down on the very foundations that shook them into sand. And if you do all that I expect of you, you too will be permitted to wander in my gardens as you please, and you will be loved by me and all my angels for I am the creator of all living things but you, my agent, are the maker of poets and good men.”

The boy was quiet for a moment, and then he sent his eyes to meet the eyes of princess Nailamar and said: “I want to be a poet; what should I do to be a good one?”

Princess Nailamar smiled. “You will be,” she said, “because you have a good heart. You are honest and you feel for people and other living things who are not less important. But remember! Words of poetry are not like words of the mouth. There is a special language for hearts only good poets understand. Good poets speak with her hearts because they want their words to be heard by hearts not by ears. And they want to listen to what people think of them with their hearts not their mouths. Words that come out of the heart are always true because the heart has no barriers like the mind. If he loves he’ll ‘I love”, if he doesn’t he’ll just shrug her shoulders and walks away. People differ because they misunderstand each other but hearts know the language of other hearts so there is no misunderstanding between them. I feel sorry for people who see two lovers sitting quietly and they think they don’t talk to each other because they have nothing to say. That’s not true. If people watch closely they may know that they are talking to each other all the time with heart and body language people in love understand but very few other people do.”

“And does Allah love children like He does his agents – women?”

“He does,” said Princess Nailamar. “He is the father of all of us. If children don’t become men and women they become birds. All the birds one day you will see in Paradise are children.”

The boy thought of his sister who he can’t see any more and was happy for her. And then he asked, “And does Allah love women who are his agents on earth even if they don’t have children?”

“Mums are very special,” princess Nailamar said. “They are the first to enter Paradise and only when all they all go in his prophets and saints follow. Allah knows everything but He will ask. To the woman who had no children He says: ‘Did you try?’ If the woman says ‘Yes’, He says: ‘Follow the mums.” To the other woman He says, ‘Did you try?’ The woman cries so He says, “Follow the other women.” But if one arrogant woman says, ‘No!’ He says to her, ‘I am sorry but this place is not for you. I gave you the power to create like me but you didn’t. You are not my agent. If you and I don’t create who does? How do you know the child you did not give birth to was not the chosen one to bring peace to the world?”


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