Adel Bishtawi

If bonds of love,
are made above,
is true,
then why resist,
I have the best,
the only man,
I want to love,
Is you.

I should with care,
deal with an affair,
so, new,
but what the heck,
you make me tick,
the only man,
who makes me dare,
is you.

At times, before,
I had a doubt,
or two,
but when once more,
after your kiss,
instead of no,
I whispered yes,
I knew.

I knew that love will come one day,
And take my doubts and fears away,
I never thought it’ll be so soon,
There was no music, dance or moon,
I couldn’t even find any words to say.

And when you took me in your arms,
And love twinkled in your eyes,
I knew you love me like I do,
How did you make me fall for you?
I never planned for it this way.

But if bonds of love,
Are made above,
Is true,
So why the wait,
I took the bait,
I want to take,
Your hand one day,
And gaze at you,
and softly say,
I do.

Dedication: Sue. Image credit: Sonia D., private share.

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