Adel Bishtawi
Ask me something,
I should do,
Or you should do,
Whatever it is,
Just do it,

Of course I will,
Whatever you’ll do,
Whatever you’ll say,
Now, tomorrow,
And Forever,
I will obey,
But only because,
I love you,
And deep inside,
I really know.
You live for me,
And you do know,
I live for you,
And I hesitate not a bit,
So, what the heck!
Let’s do it,
Life is short for all lovers,
It could be many scores of years,
But it will end,
Just before you know it,
It’s one way,
Called love,
What other road is there for us?
What else,
Is there to say,
Except: I love you,
And I will always, always do,
I live for my love,
And I live for you.
Image credit: Sonia D., private share

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