Adel Bishtawi

Now that the scene is set,
And rushing fears with rushing tears,
Are met,
With a distant voice you look away,
And say:
I can’t remember,
No, I can’t remember when I last said no,
If that’s so,
Why do I sometimes feel,
I love you far too little;
And sometimes far too much?
And why do I feel still,
Sometimes I’m in heaven,
Sometimes deep in hell?
And with a text away,
Or just a naughty call,
Will be together rolled close to a ball
My body is burning but the soul is cold,
Lonely and scared the dizzying height of love,
Could turn around in a flash
And freely begins its fall.

Don’t get me wrong,
I’m strong.
Whatever happens our love will endure,
You make me laugh,
And you make feel secure,
It’s a foolish heart,
I hear you say,
I know,
But what’s love if not a foolish thought,
If not to dare and not to stare,
And not to dance unaware,
Of all else but loving eyes,
That softly whisper in your ear:
I care?
If hearts can dance,
They’d be on the floor,
Their left is right,
And less for them is more,
They may appear the source of joy,
But don’t be fooled,
It’s pain they enjoy.

Don’t be afraid,
My love isn’t a dream,
It’s not a whim,
It’s not a sexy steam,
My heart is soft,
But so is steel with warmth,
My tears are dry,
And you can look,
As deep as you can,
And listen to what I say:
My love,
My life,
My agony and my bliss,
I’d rather have you for a day,
Than all my life with somebody else

Image credit: Sonia D., private share

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