Listen son what I say is best,
First is first,
And seconds are always next,
Seconds are seconds,
And thirds are always late.
If you must play with dirt,
Make sure it’s washable,
Whims are sins in every case,
When forgiveness is impossible.
It is said revenge is a plate,
That’s best eaten cold,
Wives’ revenge against husbands,
Should wait until they’re old.

If you can’t handle the shove,
Don’t push people around,
Tidal waves are more destructive,
Than earthquakes underground.

Kneel before your wronged woman,
And ask her for forgiveness,
It’s one kneel but after that,
Her kneeling will be endless

It’s neither gentle nor cruel,
To say otherwise is nonsense,
Most girls will understand,
That sex is a serious business,

Sex is a game for boys and girls,
And both will do some gifting,
Girls will cheer with the “Ah!” and “Oh!”
And boys will do the lifting.

A woman kissed is a woman undressed,
Some men may entertain,
The undressing is easy,
To get them dressed is pain.


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