Adel Bishtawi

I’ve never seen,
A dreamy scene,
So clear,
Footsteps so light,
Inside my heart,
I hear,
And whispers sweet,
Enticing souls to twine, dreams to blend,
And lips so finely dewed by waiting far too long before they finally meet,

Then silence reigns until the chest heaves out,
Will you be mine one day,
Will I be yours?
Will we be free of gnawing fear,
And doubt,
Doomed to feel,
Sometimes too far we are,
Sometimes too near?

There’s a road ahead,
A road that will be,
Let’s take a walk along the course of fate,
So that she may see,
That hand in hand I am with you and you at last with me,
A bonding will,
Shall always set two loving hearts free.

Image Credit: Sonia D., private share

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