Adel Bishtawi

Sometimes love is heaven,
Sometimes love is hell,
Sometimes love is tears,
Sometimes joy as well,
So drive away your tears,
Your foolish doubts and fears,
And shine with a smile,
And when you do,
If only for a while,
I’ll take your anxious hand,
And pressed against my lips,
I’ll count the reasons why,
If both of us are lovers,
And both of us are loved,
If both of us are honest,
And both of us are true,
If both of us may take
Bit less than we give,
If both of us forgive,
Forget and reset,
Fate will be kind,
For heaven and hell are only in our mind,
And with every beat,
In every vein,
With every breath,
For every day,
And every way I can,
You will be loved,
I will be yours,
You will be mine,
Again, again and again,
Until the end of time.

Image: Sonia D., private share

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