Adel Bishtawi

WITH a sudden rush for seats,
The train was almost full,
And next to me is a girl,
Listening with great thrill:
“… and love,” her mum went on,
“Is right for old and young,
But only if they have chocolate,
And they’re good to all their mums,
And they are pure and faithful,
And pledge to be always true.
The angel lives in a castle,
With a large enchanting hall,
Those he invites to dance,
He’ll send in a magical thrall,
And before his song is over,
Singles are joined in pairs.”

I want to spread my wings,
And fly like a homing dove,
To tell the angel of hearts,
I want to fall in love.
I’ve always loved my mum,
I think she’s an angel too,
I have his favourite chocolate,
And I will be always true.

Who’ll make me fall in love?
This is what I’ve been told,
Happens to the young and old,
Mum said he lives in a castle,
Above a pink, marble square,
And before his song is over,
Singles are suddenly a pair,
I’ve believed this to be true,
Since I was a little girl,
But now that I want to be loved,
I’m told he lives nowhere.

Image: www.hdwallpapersphotos.com /Magic-Castle-Photos

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