The proper name Deborah is neighter Hebrew nor means “bee,” as claimed. It took ancient communities thousands of years before they decided to give their children proper names. When they did they usually chose names for girls to please themselves and named their sons to scare their enemies.
Deborah, feminene for “wasp”, is not a name given neighter to girls nor boys because it derives from a Stone Age biliteral root (*DB) that means “crawl,” “bottom,” and the end of creatures that have clear bottoms incluidng human beings, rats, rabbits and wasps and bees.

Adel S. Bishtawi is author of Origin of Semitic Languages. Because dozens and dozens of proper names are derived from the Bible many names have origins as far as the Stone Age. To have such authenticated origins, the name must be correctly constructed on biliteral roots which is not the case in many instances, and dozens of names are actually corruptions but we can probably set some of them straight. At one point in the near future we will begin originating proper names but be patient. Everything takes three times the time initially thought to be sufficient to complete it.

Credit: VAR.GE: So, Deborah does not mean “a bee” but “a wasp” in feminine ending, and it seems to have been borrowed straight from classical Arabic, 𝘥𝘢𝘣𝘰𝘰𝘳 “wasp”. Hmmm. I wonder if that’s the reason why some boys keep a good distance?
No seriously it was a figurative use of the word that gone a bit too far and it fell outside the semantic domain of its Stone Age biliteral root. The image is that of a valiant woman attacking some enemies. Her ferocity in sending the enemies in all directions was likened to a persistent wasp attacking people, or so was the idea.
The root is *DB which has several meanings including, “crawl on hand and feet, first steps of a toddler, heavy walking due to exhaustion or heavy lifting. From this biliteral root is the triliteral dabar (*DB + r): “bottom, rear, turn away,” etc.

“Hmm. I wonder if my name is the reasons why some boys want to keep a good distance?”

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