Breathless I shall wait,
In the shadows; in the light,
And as I see her standing there,
The brightest moon in a darkened night,
I feel suspended with my stare.

Like the bud of an anxious rose,
The love I feel for her unfolds,
With scented passions set alight,
Blink not, eyes, for there she goes,
And soon you’ll have her in your sight.
My heart is open, open wide,
And she’s already deep inside,
Soft as a whisper and softer still,
Her gentle touch and magic thrill,
That’s my Sue – as joyful, always,
As a child.
My soul and hers eternally meet,
In a long, breathless, wandering kiss,
A state of bliss:
Two hearts are bound in a single beat,
Two separate souls are jointly crowned,
And breathing rhymes with a single sound,
A state of love:
A pure state of love –
What else?

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