Is it true invading armies
Have broken into the City of Peace
And is it true that the river Tigris
Is flowing with blood and tears?
And is it true the air is burning,
And the sky is shattering like glass
And is it true that mothers are dying
And dead their infants in their arms?
And is it true the dew is glowing
Bright red with drops of blood?
I have been told that those who knew
Are lying dead, but is it true?

And is it true mosques are targets
And worshippers are turkey shoot
And statue of chaste Scheherazade
Has been replaced by a prostitute?
And is it true that Dar Al Hikma
Is an outlet for junk food
And Iraq’s history is re-written
Using scripts from Hollywood?
And is it true that Iraq is run
By Ali Baba and his thieves
And a brothel is a court house
The grand judge is Mickey Mouse?
I have been told there are a few
Who really know, but is it true?

You come in peace to the city of peace
And those for war are well advised
To leave while they have a chance
For now I’ll tell you what is true:
Iraq’s future, like its past,
Is written in blood not in blue
All invaders count their dead
And a recount is overdue
They may come with a song and dance
But they leave with a wail or two.


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