A Poem by Adel Bishtawi

When I was a boy
I used to think of a distant shore
I always thought
I must have seen it in a dream.
But as I grew I had my doubts,
For though a dream it looked all right,
Somehow I felt it isn’t so;
That maybe I was sleepy or confused
And it won’t be long before I knew
My distant shore is a false dream,
Or true.

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Adel Bishtawi

The ancient astronomer,
gathered his students around,
We’re guided by stars,
So, listen to what I say,
I’ll tell you once,
Before the break of day,
The brightest star in the south is Acrux,
The brightest in the west is Venus,
The brightest in the north is Polaris,
These are the chambermaids,
But the princess of them all,
Is not above,
Turn round and reach out,
Then smile back too,
She is the girl who loves you,
And the girl you dearly love.

Image credit: Sonia D., private share