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Eradicating memory, splitting a nation: What Tamerlan had not destroyed

Martin Makinson (This article was first published in the official website of the Syrian Writers Association) As French archaeologist André Parrot once put it, “every cultured man has two homelands: his own and Syria”. This motto was coined by the

The Arab Spring – an Update

Mare Nostrum: The 7th Biennial European Writers’ Council 5 May 2013 at 17:01 The Seventh Biennial European Writers’ Council was held in Valletta – Malta on 11 April 2013 Here is my prsentation Mare Nostrum The 7th Biennial European Writers’ Council

The Arab Spring

The Arab Spring – We saw it coming and we see it sweeping the entire Arab World  Adel Bishtawi Years years ago I was asked: “What are the chances of the Arab Nation wrestling control of its destiny from the three